you’ve got the magic. i got the moves.

showtime baby.

The world is a stage and we are the actors. Or any kind of random generated saying that doesn’t make much sense.


Talking about stages: come see us play. Enjoy the night. Hug a stranger. Sing along.


We’d love to see you.


Upcoming Shows

06 Oct 2018 w/ The Dirty Daddies Amsterdam AFAS LIVE AFAS LIVE sold out!

Past Shows

16 Jun 2018 Bottles Of Love Utrecht
02 Jun 2018 w/ Ronnie Flex Dordrecht Wantijpop Wantijpop
26 Apr 2018 Bottles Of Love Amersfoort Boothill Saloon Boothill Saloon
24 Apr 2018 Bottles Of Love Nijmegen Cultuur Op De Campus Cultuur Op De Campus
18 Mar 2018 w/ Barry Hay Helmond Cacaofabriek Cacaofabriek
17 Mar 2018 w/ Barry Hay Leeuwarden De Neushoorn De Neushoorn
23 Feb 2018 w/ Statesmen Delft STECK STECK
12 Jan 2018 Bottles Of Love Dordrecht Bibelot Bibelot
06 Jan 2018 w/ Daredevils Nieuwendijk Xinix Xinix
02 Sep 2017 Bottles of Love Eindhoven Altstadt Altstadt
15 Jul 2017 Bottles Of Love Dordrecht Merz Podium Merz Podium
08 Jul 2017 Bottles of Love berkel en Rodenrijs Rotorock Rotorock
30 Jun 2017 Bottles of Love Zwolle Ter Pelkwijkpark Ter Pelkwijkpark
27 May 2017 W/ Pollyanna Dordrecht Weizigtpark Weizigtpark
19 May 2017 w/ Johnny Hates Jazz Hilversum De Vorstin De Vorstin
13 Apr 2017 Bottles Of Love + Five Years Later Zwolle Hedon Hedon
23 Mar 2017 Bottles Of Love Tilburg Extase Extase
03 Mar 2017 Bottles Of Love Release Show Dordrecht Het Dolhuis Het Dolhuis
17 Feb 2017 Bottles Of Love Amersfoort Boothill Boothill
12 Nov 2016 Bottes Of Love Zwolle
28 Aug 2016 Bottles Of Love Amsterdam The Waterhole The Waterhole
26 Aug 2016 Bottles Of Love + The Brave + Mexican Surf Gouda StudioGonz StudioGonz
16 Jul 2016 Big Rivers Festival Dordrecht Otto e Mezzo Stage Otto e Mezzo Stage
04 Jun 2016 Bottles of love Amsterdam Winston Winston
14 May 2016 Bottles of love Breda Hijgend Hert Hijgend Hert